Leadership Team 

Matt Kincaid

Managing Partner

Matt holds an MBA and a PhD in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University. He has delivered hundreds of leadership talks, presentations, workshops, and training sessions, and spearheaded the efforts of four startups. In academia, Matt has lectured and facilitated more than 3,000 class sessions at two different institutions. He is a top rated business professor, several times being the #1 rated instructor on campus. His co-authored leadership books, Permission to Speak Freely and Say Anything were Amazon Top New Release and highly praised by multiple New York Times bestselling authors. Matt’s work on servant-leadership has been published in both the International Journal of Servant-Leadership and the International Journal of Leadership Studies, and he has been featured in two business textbooks, both published by Pearson Prentice Hall.

Doug Crandall

Founding Partner

Doug is a graduate of West Point and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has led multiple units in the Army, and spent time in operations at Amazon.com. For five years, Doug taught leadership, advanced leadership, and leading organizations through change at West Point, where he won the Excellence in Teaching Award and exceeded the Academy average in every area of teaching feedback during each semester that he taught. He’s the co-author of four books: Permission to Speak Freely, Say Anything, Hope Unseen, and Leadership Lessons from West Point, three of which were Amazon Top New Releases. Doug’s books have sold more than 75,000 copies worldwide and continue to gain momentum in Europe and Asia. Doug has also published articles in the International Journal of Servant-Leadership and written case studies for both Stanford and Harvard’s business schools.

Kelly Safranski

Senior Partner

Kelly holds an MBA from Western Governors University and degrees in Human Resources and Marketing from Gonzaga University. She has deep experience as an organizational development specialist for Intel, where she shares credit for creating a strategic planning process that resulted in the first-ever integrated organizational development roadmap for a large business group within the Fortune company. She also partnered senior managment to pilot an organizational planning process that went on to become a standard at the $50B corporate giant. Kelly is a certified trainer for behavioral interviewing, and leads a series of behavioral, motivational, and personality assessment sessions, which are integrated into Blue Rudder’s leadership programs. The sessions are also offered as stand alone workshops to improve productivity, teamworks, communication.