When we began, I said I wanted to run one pilot program. We’ve now run nine full programs, back to back, for four and a half years. Suffice it is to say the pilot was a success.

COO, Government Organization

We utilize a survey tool for feedback every time we bring somebody into our organization. Your scores are off the charts, easily among the highest ever.

Talent Manager, Fortune Company

There’s zero doubt your teaching has made me a better leader. Outside of work, it might be the best thing I’ve ever done…I’m truly a better person. Thank you.

Manager, Fortune Company

My ego did not want to engage in any type of coaching. I was reluctant for the first couple sessions. I now only wish I would have began regular coaching meetings years ago.

Director, Top 50 Tech Company

The leadership work we did with Blue Rudder was important work for us, and one of the most impactful thing we’ve done as a team since I’ve been the Chief.

Chief, City Fire Department

All of the participants in our program enjoyed every single week. There was lots of learning and lots of buzz around the office. The experience was excellent.

Executive Director, Global Nonprofit

We told our folks that attendance was optional when this began. Everyone attended all the sessions and wants to continue. To me, that’s better than any verbal feedback.

Director, National Laboratory

This coaching program was what I was hoping for. I gained a lot of valuable insight about my own leadership and am viewing my team through a different lens.

Director, Fortune Company

Thank you for the coaching you’ve been doing with our folks. Every time you meet, I see positive changes. I’m excited to get you working with more of our team members.

HR Director, Global Nonprofit

Thank you for making the┬átrip over to present to our leadership team. I’ve received nothing but excellent feedback. Your time here will serve as a career-long memory for many participants.

General Manager, Fortune Company

I was skeptical when I began this program because I’ve been through so many trainings. But this was different than all the others, and a very worthwhile twelve weeks for me. I wish we were coming back next Friday.

Manager, Government Organization

Without our weekly sessions, I would be nowhere near where I am in terms of my own leadership knowledge and abilities. I’m thankful my boss has invested in me and I am excited to keep growing.

Manager, National Laboratory

We thought we’d do a little work with Blue Rudder…. I’ve been searching high and low for more resources and support from my larger organization. The ROI has been tremendous, and we need to keep going.

Director, Nonprofit Company

I walked away from the first session with Blue Rudder completely surprised…in a good way. I was expecting a boring PowerPoint presentation telling me what to do. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Executive, Publicly Traded Bank

These guys are pros. They know how to keep everyone engaged and reflecting inward on themselves. I’ve never thought of the need to develop myself and serve others. I’ll be thinking about this experience for a long time.

Executive, City Government