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The best organizations in the world provide continuous leadership development for their people.

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Blue Rudder was created with an acute focus on bringing to life the most transformational leadership development programs on the planet. In just a few short years, our work has changed lives, cultivated new team cultures, and revitalized entire organizations.

Executive Coaching

Need guidance navigating workplace challenges? Want to ping your ideas off a highly skilled professional outside of your organization? Wondering how to excel your career path? Our coaching sessions are hyperfocused on you. With deep knowledge and finely tuned skill sets, our coaches will help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.


Eager to make big jumps in a short timespan? Want a impactful learning session to bring your team together? Our interactive workshops will equip your team with new knowledge and tools to dramatically improve interpersonal communication and help cultivate a healthy team culture. These sessions can be completed in a quick, three hour window to large groups of 150 people, but are also well suited for smaller teams of 6-12.


Need to book an engaging presentation to inspire your audience? Want to get people thinking outsie the box? Anxious about ensuring your event goes smoothly without a hiccup at the podium? Our keynotes presentations are a surefire way to elevate critical thinking, challenge traditional frameworks, and ignite the passion of your audience.

Full-Scale Programs

Need more capable leaders? Ready to experience a game-changing culture shift? Promoted people into leadership positions who have no leadership training? Our full-scale programs are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Engaging sessions, the best content available, and one of the most talented collection of teachers ever assembled by a leadership consultancy.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Blue Rudder has custom designed and delivered premiere leadership programs to small companies and large corporations alike, spanning the United States and into Europe and Asia. The original content, talented team of teachers, and proven concepts, bring an industry leading edge to clients, providing a rich leadership development experience that’s research backed and immediately applicable.

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Scientifically Proven Process

Working within our innovative inside-out framework, you’ll experience a unique leadership development journey that’s research backed, directly applicable, and incredibly effective. What are you waiting for?

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